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Brilliant DIY crafts

Everyone goes online to find the most recent life-hacks out there to try right away, and, with this video compilation, we are delivering to you the best kitchen hacks, beauty hacks, household hacks, and DIYs to change your life for the better!
If you are in a situation where you need an emergency life jacket to go swimming; take a few plastic bottles and place them underneath your shirt! Then, screw the caps back on the bottles on the outside and place a tightrope underneath to keep them in place and voila! Happy swimming!
We also have more plastic bottle hacks for your everyday life as well! Where you can create a paper toilet roll cover to prevent your pets and children from wasting all your toilet roll! Watch out the video to discover how to make a candy dispenser using a plastic cup and a plastic bottle and finally, how to make a strainer for your veggies using a plastic bottle!
If you are in a situation where you don’t have a cookie cutter you can create your own by cutting a small bottle and using it as a stencil! You can also use a plastic bottle to store your pancake batter!
We also have some amazing hanger hacks that you can try in your kitchen! For example, you can use clothes hangers to organize your cookware! Or you can create a paper towel dispenser using a metal hanger! We also show you a cool way to bend and change the shape of a hanger in order to turn it into a Christmas wreath!
If you love tick tacks then these hacks will prevent you from throwing another tick tack container in the trash again! You can use them to store your office supplies, you can use it to organize your headphones, you can even use it as a toothbrush holder! Watch our video to see how many hacks we have using these containers!

Watch our video to discover more DIYs using cling film and how to turn a regular cup into a spill-proof cup!

0:07 – DIY life jacket
1:18 – Plastic bottle hangers
2:31 – DIY strainer
3:28 – DIY cookie cutters
3:58 – Delicious chocolate and M&Ms treat
6:00 – Clothing hanger hacks
7:06 – DIY magazine stand
8:01 – DIY spice rack
8:11 – How to store your memory cards

9:45 – Spillproof trick

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