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DIY 3pc set Glam Candle Holders Centerpiece + GIVEAWAY| DIY Dollar Tree | Christmas Gift

Hey Creative Fam, for this Dollar Tree DIY room decor project I made 3 or 5 pc set of silver glam candle holders that light up the room. This would be a great Christmas gift or glam centerpiece decor. The first 500 people can sign up here gets Skillshare FREE for 60 days. This video has another giveaway too. The rules are you have to be subscribed to Creative Living Lifestyles and share this video on any of your social media platforms at least one time. Let me know that you did with a link and I will verify it and you’ll be entered into the giveaway. There will be at least two maybe more giveaways I’m having for yall from now until Christmas so keep an eye out. I will announce the winners in the next weeks diy video so ring that notification bell so you’ll be notified when I upload. If you don’t claim your prize after the announcement within the first 72 hours I will give it to the next winner.
You can enter in each giveaway as long as you are subscribed and follow contest rules. I wish I could give every single person something bc you all give me so much. This is at least one way I can give back. I appreciate you every single day.

I upload on weekends usually Saturday or Sunday so keep a look out for the next videos so you can enter in the other giveaways.
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I really like Skillshare and I enjoy having SKillshare myself. I do not get commission or a kick back from the link. This is a link they give to me to give to you so you can enjoy two free months and decide if it’s right for you. If you wanna join after your free trail is up it’s only $10 a month which is a really good value if you enjoy learning.

Materials for this project

3 – metal candle holders
(3) – pks Acrylic gems It takes nearly a pack per candle holder
3 – glass tea light candle holders (steams)
3 – LED Lights or you can totally use battery operated tea light candles
However you wanna decorate the outside of the lights I used
Silver and Champagne Glitter and Mod Podge
Bling wrap

The bling I used to trim the outside frame of the candle holder is some a subscriber sent me a while back. She buys it off of Amazon and
I added the bling to my Amazon Page if you wanna check it out

Also Hobby Lobby is known to sell some ribbon that has bling threaded in it. Sometimes they have their ribbon half off.

Thank you all again so very much!

If you wanna send pics of your diys or ask questions my email is

My address is
PO Box 725
Guntersville AL 35976

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