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DIY Farmhouse Porch Shelves From Crates – Outdoor DIY & Decor Challenge

Hi Guys! I’m a home stager as my profession but love to share my DIY’s , thrift hauls for my home and my business and some staging tutorials.

Today’s video is a challenge that The DIY Mommy has hosted and presented to us fellow YouTubers. I will link her channel and the playlist of all the participants below.
The challenge was to either decorate your outdoor space , do a DIY for your outdoor space or both. I decided to do both on my front porch. This redo of my space only cost me $14 and I had bought the crates from a community yard sale about 8 years ago but never used the antique wooden crates. I decided it was time to haul them out and make good use of them. I already had all of the other decor pieces for my other areas or projects. The pic-nic bench only cost me $5 from a gal that upcycles furniture from found objects. I did put in some additional screws to reinforce it better and gave it a coat of paint three years ago. My bistro table was a gift from my mother about 16 years ago but the mosaic no longer matched the craftsman style of my home. She bought it when I had a Spanish style home and it went perfectly.
I had hosted a challenge about a month ago and it was a No Cost Redecorate Your Outdoor Space. I have linked that video at the end of this video. The only rules was that you don’t spend any money and use what you already have. There was one exception and that was that you could buy paint to revamp some pots or outdoor furniture to freshen things up. I basically took my front porch from winter into spring by cleaning, decluttering and moving some things around to better fit the space for spring.
I hope you all check out that video also listed here:
and the playlist of everyone that participated, listed here:

I also had done some Dollar Tree DIY’s for by back yard space I will also link that video here:
A very recent video, I share with you all how I enjoy my backyard space and entertain in it. I hope you all will check out this video out as well:

Another challenge I was a part of was creating a garden container and I did a DIY on a bubbling brook for the container. I hope you check this video out as well:

Please check out Christina from The DIY Mommy as she’s AMAZING!:

The playlist of all the participants in this challenge:

I hope you all enjoy this video!

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