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DIY Hello Kitty Purse – Three Colour Scheme Designs, Craft Glitter Foam, Hot Glue [How to DIY]

This video shows a step-by-step approach to make an easy and cheap DIY Hello Kitty purse for kids. Three different color scheme designs are shown. The purses are made from craft glitter foam and glued together using a hot glue gun, so no sewing is needed. All designs have zippers at the top. Hope you enjoy it, happy crafting!

0:19 – Cutting the faces
1:06 – Cutting the ribbons
2:00 – Cutting the whiskers
2:13 – Gluing the face pieces
4:02 – Creating the purse body with zipper
5:29 – Gluing the two faces and purse body together
6:45 – Final purse designs

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List of tools and materials (with Amazon links)
Hot glue gun with melt sticks –
Utility knife –
Craft knife –
Glitter foam sheets –
50 coloured 4, 5, 6 and 7 inch nylon zippers –

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