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DIY: How To Make a Fringe Sweater – by Orly Shani

This DIY is so easy… ANYONE can do it. Literally.
My daughter was sick today so she makes an appearance, and I actually do the project with her on my lap for almost the whole thing… that’s how easy it really is!
Today I’m showing you how to take an old sweater and turn it into a fabulous fringe sweater. Fringe has been a huge trend and it’s not going anywhere. But there’s something special about the Fringe Sweater…. it’s sort of bohemian but somehow still classic.
Once you see the technique for adding the fringe you’ll be able to do it anywhere on the sweater (shoulders, cuff, neckline etc)
Sweater (a slightly loose knit)
Crochet Needle:
OR Tweezers

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