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DIY Toy Tank with Suspension – [Cardboard Toy Tank Tutorial]

This video shows how to create your own DIY toy tank with suspension. This handmade cardboard tank toy is made using a hot glue gun, some recycled toy tank parts, batteries, popsicle sticks, elastic bands, nuts, bolts and washers.

The main focus of this project was to figure out how to make the DIY track suspension to go with the old recycled toy tank parts I had lying around. I wanted to design it as working off road tank suspension using simple things like nuts, bolts, popsicle sticks and elastic bands. The suspension can be tweaked quite easily by adding or removing rubber bands to increase or decrease the toy tank suspension travel. I tried a few different designs like the bogie tank suspension but decided to go for this design inspired by the Christie tank suspension instead.

The toy tank with DC motor performed well over some small rocks where the suspension moved quite significantly to absorb the impacts.

One improvement to this toy tank design would be if you use new rc hobby geared dc motors instead of old recycled dc motors. The recycled geared dc motor I used in this toy tank project had some gears that slipped under heavy loads. Even so, I am very happy with the result. I hope that this simple handmade toy tank especially the toy tank suspension would inspire some new designs. I myself would like to try it in future rc tank projects or for off road robot suspension.

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0:05 – Presenting the tank
1:05 – Wheel suspension arms
2:37 – Tank side walls
2:40 – Motor assembly
3:04 – Tank undercarriage parts
3:19 – Wheel assembly
5:36 – Suspension rubber band assembly
6:08 – Tank undercarriage assembly
7:14 – Tank track assembly
8:08 – Mudguard assembly
8:27 – Turret assembly
12:59 – Outer decorations
14:35 – Finished cardboard toy tank
15:22 – Toy tank driving on grass
16:21 – Toy tank driving on concrete

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