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DIY Winter Wonderland Display Box w/ Lights | DIY Christmas Decor Ideas | DIY Dollar Tree Christmas

DIY Chritsmas Winter Wonderland Christmas Decor Display Box with lights and lots of bling. Hey creative fam, this week room decor project is a Christmas Display box made out of material from Dollar Tree. I used actual plug in lights and show how you can build this glass box and be able to run your lights through the center to create a gorgeous Christmas scene you can set in any room in your house without to worrying about swapping out batteries to keep your display lights on. These are also called window light boxes or light boxes. This would make a great Christmas gift for family or friends or it’d be great to sit in your living room to enjoy throughout the holiday season. You can change yours and display anything you’d like. I also show how to make a mirrored Christmas tree using Dollar tree materials. This is so glam and gorgeous, I’m so happy to add this to my Christmas decor this year. I hope you enjoy this idea just as much and give this DIY project a try. Thank you all for watching. I’ll be making more Christmas project soon. Many blessings to everyone.

Materials from Dollar Tree :

A lot of these come several to a pack, I only used part of. For example, I placed three silver pine-cones on the bottom and six come in a pack.
Or the small round mirrored bulb ornaments … 20 come in a pack, I may have 5 or so scattered on the “snow” You do not have to purchase everything on this list to make a beautiful Winter Wonderland Scene.

5 -collage frames
4- candle sticks “legs”
1 -car wash cloth
3 -floral silver trees
1- boutique of Christmas Trees “floral”
1- roll of small 20 ft silver garland
2- strands of Christmas lights
1- metal silver snowflake ornament “on front center frame”
2- Deer ornaments
1- Angel ornament
1- pack of small mirrored ball ornaments “disco balls”
1- pack small mirrored round bulb ornaments
1- pack of snowflake ornaments
1- pack of mirror snowmen ornaments
1- mirror from decor frame or “5×5” mirror will do
1- pack of silver beads
!- pack of silver litter mini pine-cones
1- foam come
2- mirror hat ornaments to make Christmas Tree
Tumble Tower game or dowels
square dowels from Walmart

Optional *
1- round mirror
1- round foam
1- pack of acrylic gems
Adhesive Clear Jot Gems

White beads from Hobby Lobby
Hanging gems from Hobby Lobby or Clear Icicles Led Lights

Music : Winter Wonderland

Green Screen Effects

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