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How to make Doraemon|Soft Toys Making Tutorial Video|Doraemon DIY

Doraemon: Soft Toy|Online Video Tutorial

Materials required:

Blue: 25cm
White: 15cm
Red: 2cm
Black: 2cm

White Paint

Cutting Description:

Body2 (Blue)
1 (White)
Pocket1+2 (White)
4 (Blue)
Shoe4 (White)
4 (White)
Eye*2+2 (W+B)

Doraemon’s facts:
Doraemon’s original paint color is yellow, Doraemon had a pair of ears,
but lost it to rats that bit off them off, After losing his ears,
Doraemon became depressed and drank a potion labeled “sadness”.
As he cried, his yellow tone faded into the lovable blue we know today.

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