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How To Make Your Roof an ENERGY SAVING ROOF!! …..DIY Project

STEP #1: clean the roof off with water
STEP #2: buy some Henry Tropi-cool Silicone Roof Paint (if you have a Home Depot in the area, they are giving a discount if you buy 8…i used only 5 for my roof, so I bought 8 to get the discount, then returned 3!)
STEP #3: buy painting supplies (painting roll, pole, disposable clothing, rope, 1 gallon bucket.
STEP #4: stir the henry paint. then pour out 1 gallon of it into a 1 gallon bucket. tie a long rope end to it. the other end throw up on the roof. climb up to the roof. pull the rope up (along with the bucket dummy!) and wala you have ur paint.
STEP #5: Paint your roof.
STEP #6: GO ON A DAMN DIET (this applies mostly to me…unless ur fat like I am)

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