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Rustic Puerto Rican Flag / DIY

In this video I show you how I made the Rustic Puerto Rico Flag. This project is pretty much the same as the other rustic flags that I have made with the biggest difference being that this flag only has five stripes and one star. This flag was a special request and they wanted it to be the large, 26” x 48” flag.
Each strip is 5 3/16” wide which makes the total height 25 15/16”, 1/16” short of 26”.
To make the union on this flag, I marked the center from top to bottom and then drew a line from the top left corner to the center mark and then from the bottom left corner to the center mark.
The marks from each corner to the center are 25 1/2” long so to get the center of the union, I made a mark at 12 3/4” on both lines. I then placed a straight edge on the top left corner and the 12 3/4” mark on the bottom line and marked the center. I then did the same on the bottom left corner and the 12 3/4” mark on the top line and marked the center. I then had an X in the center of the union. I was then able to measure up from the center and down from the center to get the exact location for the star. I made the star 8” x 8”.

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