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SO GLAMOURS! DIY 9pc Mirrored Wall Decor using ALL Dollar Tree Items | DIY Room Decor – ELEGANT

Hey Creative Fam today’s DIY project is a beautiful glamours 9 piece mirrored wall decor set using 100% all Dollar Tree materials. I had the best time ever making this project. I’m head over heels in love with this home decor piece. I think is so glam and blingy. It catches your eye in any room. This is a perfect mirrored centerpiece for your bedroom over a bed, living room over a sofa, even above an entry table filled with glam table decor, or any room in your home…. yes even your bathroom. Add this gorgeous designer design to your home or make it for a gift since Christmas is around the corner as we are approaching the Holidays. You may like to change up your Fall decor, you could make any design on the mirrors including glam leafs or you could totally use black, brown, or gold frames to make more of a farmhouse rustic decor. The options are endless.
You will love this and I truly hope some of you are inspired by this Dollar Tree Diy. I have extra bonus footage I recorded for everyone who is having difficulties finding certain hot items in Dollar Tree. I came up with an easy solution and broke this video down into five easy to follow steps by high demand. Thank you all so much for watching, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Blessing everyone, love you guys so much!
Oh yeah and If you wanna share your projects, diys, ideas, or wanna suggest something please send me an email. Keep in mind I work a job, I’m a house wife, I make, set up, record and edit videos as well as shop for supplies and create these diys and while I try my best to reply to every comment and email it’s a lot sometimes so I may have a delayed response BUT please know I certainly do read each and every single comment from you!! I love em all, and I’m always inspired by you. I greatly appreciate you so so so so so very much. Thank you for being apart of our Creative Family.

PS – I always try to upload my videos on weekends. My regular day used to be Saturdays sometimes early on Fridays. In the recent weeks I’ve gotten off track and missed a couple of weekends. I posted during the week instead of the weekend. I’m now getting back on track. To all my subscribers, I hope to get my uploads up on Saturdays again very soon. My goal was always been for Fridays. If I see that I can start doing that again I’ll let you know ahead of time. Several of you have asked recently, yes I am back to posting on weekends. Depending on my work OR the project and video the latest will be Sundays.

Materials for this project Dollar Tree:
9- square 5×5 mirrors
9- 3.5 x 5 picture frames
6- mirrored picture frame “see video for perfect substitute”
Craft sticks “Popsicle sticks”
Mini screws
Bling / Diamond wrap / Jot Gems or any gems

How I dissemble picture frames without breaking them

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