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Succulent Chair | Succulent Planter DIY | DIY with Caitlin

Let’s DIY Together!
Plants from

Watch this cute succulent planter DIY project! This great succulent gardening DIY will bring color and fun to your patio or garden.

I found this old wooden chair in an alley!

First we need to take off the seat. Flip the chair over and remove the screws from below the chair.

Remove the seat of the chair.

Cut a piece of plywood to fit the bottom of the chair. Make sure to cut out notches for the legs.

Attach the plywood bottom below the lip of the chair. Make sure to screw pilot holes before drilling the plywood to the chair frame.
Paint your chair!

Paint your chair your favorite color. I thought this teal would really pop in my garden.

When you’re ready to start planting, pick a focal point, usually your largest succulent and design everything around this plant. When planting this plant create a mound of dirt and plant it at an angle so the face of the plant faces forward.

Dirt and Drainage: Use cactus or well draining soil. Make sure the pot has a way to drain water at the bottom. You don’t want soggy succulents.

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