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DIY Pet Organization

Not having everything in one place is inconvenient. Especially when you have a pet! It seems like one toy is upstairs one is in one of your shoes and then their foods is sprinkled throughout the house. If all of us humans in my household have somewhere to put their …

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DIY Dog Reward Toy

Since my workshop is in my garage, Cali tends to get bored most the time if she doesn’t have some sort of stimulant…and because I am a crazy dog mom I don’t want her to be bored. I decided to give a DIY dog reward toy a go! She ended …

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DIY Dog House

As I am dialing in our backyard, I wanted to designate a place for Miss Cali Bella Rodriguez. I have a couple different DIY dog ideas for her space but started with the most important part – a DIY dog house. I love being able to change out the covering …

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DIY Pet Tee Pee

Happy Monday! Starting off the week by continuing to pamper my dog with DIY pet projects. Today I’m showing you my take on the DIY dog tee pee or DIY pet tee pee or even DIY kids tee pee. I totally measured wrong and ending up building a tee pee …

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DIY Pallet Dog Bed // Home Depot

I am so beyond excited to have partnered up with Home Depot creating this DIY pallet dog bed for my baby girl Cali Bella Rodriguez (yes she has a full name). This DIY dog bed is absolutely perfect for anyone that has a dergie derg that stays by your side …

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