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DIY Infrared RC Toy

It works with almost any home electronics infrared remote control and learns its device ID and button codes. Four AAA sized rechargeable batteries provide power to the toy. Unused IO and ADC channels are intended for further expansion to line follow option. Operating Voltage 2,7..6V Power Consumption 1,3..740mA 3,5mW..4,4W Mainboard …

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DIY Solar Multipurpose Power Bank

DIY Solar Multipurpose Power Bank Fit XM1584 to the requirement of the battery For use in Raspberry Pi adjust XL6009 to 5V For use in Arduino adjust XL6009 of 7 to 12V Material utilizado:×40-pin-2-54mm-single-row-male/×40-pin-2-54mm-single-row-male-right-angle/ THANK YOU! Your visit to this video fills me …

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