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Solar and Wind DIY System Controller and Inverter

Full video with 12 minute commentary: This is my dad’s set up with his solar and wind system. I give a little explanation of the performance in this video. Here is my DIY Solar and Wind book that was published on Amazon: Barnes and Noble Nook version of …

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Get instant Energy with (DIY) colour therapy/ Hindi

With colour therapy you can increase your energy instantly and get rid of weakness. It also helps in breathlessness and in blood circulation more over it is DIY means you can do the treatment yourself. you can also watch this video in English Please subscribe to my YouTube channel Naturopathy …

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Solar Energy demo DIY project

Solar energy works by capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity for your home or business. Solar Panel experiment is one such project uses the principle of photo-voltaic effect  to demonstrates the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. Further, this electric energy can be converted to mechanical energy that can be …

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It is now officially FALL and that means it is time for everything pumpkin and pumpkin spice!!! Here’s a fabulous little energy ball to whip up, perfect for those pumpkin spice cravings. They are very good at room temp, but after a couple hours in the freezer, absolutely stupendous! (One …

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