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The DIY World Installing Solar Panels On A Home In Australia PT2

This is the second video on the solar panel installation. This is a very nice looking job so far. If you missed the first video, please see that one first:

In the first part of the solar panel installation I set up the batteries inside a nice batttery box which will double as a bench. Then I wired up the solar charge controller and one solar panel to test the system out. When it was working well, that was the end for the day.

The second step required us to go shopping and get some parts. We picked up some 100 amp cut off switches, 60 amp fuses and some crimp on connectors.

Since the holes in the crimp on connectors were too small for the switches I had to drill them out a bit to make them fit.

Next I made a board to hold the switches. This board is mounted inside the box so we can connect and disconnect the solar panels and also the output of the batteries.

When I had the switches installed in the battery box then I connected a fuse on the output side of the batteries for safety. This connects between the positive lead of the battery bank to the switch. The other side of the cut off switch goes to the power inverter.

Now there is AC power.

Next I will connect the fuse and switch for the solar panels, wire up the cigarette lighter socket and set up all the wiring nicely.

Please see Part Three of the installation here:

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