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TWIN BED DIY- Under $50

Materials Needed:

1 Wood Pallet
1 4×4 Post (for legs)
3 1X6X8 Boards (for frame)
5 1X4X8 Boards (for slats)
2 2X3 Boards (for slat support)
Stainable wood filler:
Brairsmoke Stain:

Steps1: Cut all the boards

Cut 2 1X6X8 boards to 39.5 inches (get 2 of these out of 1 8ft board)
Cut the other 2 1X6X8 boards to 74 inches.
Cut 1X4 slats to 37 3/4 for support pieces
Cut 4 4X4 posts to 14 inches

Step 2: Start Building

Make 3/4 inch mark at the end of the front boards (to attach the side boards)

Mark where the 4X4s will go (3 inches down from the top of board)

Screw in 4X4

Screw in side of frame to 4X4 until all sides are attached

Measure from the inside of both top and bottom legs to decide how long you need your 2X3’s to be for supporting your slats. My legs might be a little thinner (after running them through a planer) than yours would be- So double check. Mine came out to 67 1/4

Screw to 2X3’s to the inside of each side frames

Screw slats to 2X3’s

Step 3: Sand & Stain

Sand down all edges with 80 grit

Sand down Pallet (we left the screw holes visible on the pallet, just not the frame)

Use wood filler to fill in all the screw holes
(let this dry)

Sand down over wood filler, then sand down entire bed using 220 grit

Stain bed frame- I use a rag so I can wipe off as I go. This technique will give you a much lighter color.

Stain Pallet

We did not screw the back board to the bed frame. The frame is just butted up against back board. You obviously could screw them together, but after placing it in their room we didn’t think it was necessary.

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