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18650 DIY Lithium Micro Solar Generator – Finished

Here’s a first look at my new DIY 18650 Lithium Micro Solar Generator. This was a great project to work on and I learned a lot about lithium batteries building this second solar generator. I do name my generators and this one shall be called Maqaumerator Jr!

Here’s a list of parts used in the generator. These are affiliate links so buying here helps out my channel a lot and adds no additional costs to the price of parts.

Generator Parts: ————————————————————————————————————–
MPPT Solar Charge Controller (

Buck Converter (

Pure Sine Wave Inverter (

In-Line watt meter (

Blue Seas Bus Bars (

Blue Seas Master Switch (

Meter and Shunt (

XT 60 Plugs (

4-Panel 12 Volt Accessories (

USB 2.2 Outlet with Voltmeter (

Kapton Tape (

SAE to male pin adapter (

360 degree rotating extension (

Heat Shrink (

Rocker switches -no LED (

Rocker Switches with LED (

SAE to Coax Female (

SAE to 12 volt Male Plug (

12 Volt 3 Panel (

SAE to ring adapter (

SAE Socket (

120 Volt Power Receptacle (

1-inch Screens (

Opus Battery Charger (

42 – 18650’s on clearance from Walmart ($52.50)

14″ Dry box from Tractor Supply Vruzend 19650

Battery Kit (


Here’s the Renogy solar panel I’m giving away. You can also purchase this panel here:

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