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DIY Clothes Life Hacks – 10 DIY Ideas

DIY Clothes Life Hacks – 10 DIY Ideas
DIY Clothes Life Hacks – 10 DIY Ideas
== Click here to subscribe channel == === #taicoloring #Coloringbookforkids #coloringpages #kidsstudio #kids === DIY clothes life hacks! In this life hacks video I show DIY clothes from old clothes, perfect for fashionable teenagers, kids or anyone else! DIY clothes for summer fashion video includes 10 DIY life hacks on how to recycle your old jeans, shirts into new amazing crafts.

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DIY clothes from old jeans are probably my fave. Patched jeans and denim jackets are a huge trend this season. Buying those in store can be pretty expensive. Luckily DIY patched jeans are super easy to DIY. I found my jeans in a thrift store for very cheap. Jeans patches can be bought on-line or in a craft store. All you need to do is iron your patches on the jeans or a denim jackets and you are finished!

A donut floppy hat is a great way to revamp your old plain floppy hats. Simply color the brim of your hat in a color that represents a donut glaze. Pink, blue and white are the standard ones. Leave the color to dry and draw on a bunch of colorful sprinkles. I think this DIY donut hat is the pretiest DIY and you need to try it.

DIY shirts can be so much fun to make. In this DIY clothes video I show you an epic life hack on how to color your shirts using sharpies.You need sharpies and rubbing alcohol to creat a beautiful marbled effect on your shirt. Besides that I show you how to create an easy cropped knot tee from a plain white shirt.

Warning! In my DIY clothes tutorial I show you probably the cutest DIY shoes you have ever seen. Using a blue fabric paint and white self adhesive paper you can create the most stunning couds sneakers ever. This DIY project is so simple and perfect for teenagers or older craft lovers.

Who doesnt’t like tie dye DIYs? I love them! This time I used my old white jeans to create beautiful green and red shorts. I show you how you can achieve a simple gradient on your DIY shorts. I also used some studs to make the shorts even more epic.

Choker necklaces are a huge trend right now. In this DIY clothes video I show you two simple DIY chokers. First one is made using a charm and a velvet string. This choker is made in a minute and looks fantastic. For he other choker DIY you need a flower lace, a button and some kind of string. I show you how to make a nice closure to make it easy to put the choker on and off your neck.

Ok, we all know that my galaxy DIYs obsession is real, right? I’ve already show you how to create DIY galaxy shoes, DIY galaxy school bag and now it’s time for a DIY galaxy shirt. I decided to make a triangle galaxy shirt. I am so happy with how it turned out – neat, cool and a bit edgy. This is a perfect DIY to recycle old shirts!

Bleach can be used to make the clothes whiter. But did you know that you can use bleach to make epic patterns to. This is another DIY shorts project from old jeans that I show you in this video. To be able to draw with bleach we first need to make a bleach gel. Mix together some corn starch, water and bleach. Now you can write and draw on your shorts to make them look totally pretty and unique.

Besides DIY clouds shoes I also show you how to make adorable sprinkles shoes. These are so simple and easy to make. Take your fabric markers and draw a bunch of short lines all over your sneakers. This DIY only takes a minute to make but the result are the cutest DIY shoes ever.

Remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a perfect summer wardobe. All you need are some old clothes, some creativity and a bit of time. Hope you try these DIY clothes ideas out!

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