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DIY Dollar Store Fidget Spinner – DIY with Cly Ep. 2

I’ve decided to take on the challenge of making a fidget spinner using only materials I find at my local Dollar Tree. All in all I used $2.12 worth of materials to make the spinner, but that’s only because I supplied all of my own tools.

After reviewing the Futz Spinner in my last Budget Buys episode, I’ve found myself a little addicted to fidget spinners. Instead of going out and buying every fidget spinner I can get my hands on to review (though I would love to do that), I’ve decided to try my hand at making my own. I’m not trying to make the fastest, heaviest, longest spinning, etc. My goal is to make the most unique spinners that I can, and I think this janky little Dollar Tree spinner fits the bill nicely.

Welcome to DIY with Cly. In this series I’ll be making pretty much anything the catches my fancy, though I may be open to suggestions in the near future.
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