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DIY: HUGE Haul! Affordable Nail Supplies

In this video, I show 50 plus affordable nail supply products from Amazon, Beauty Supply Store, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Blinggasm!

Blinggasm 10% Discount Code: BLING

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12 Mix Color Nail Acrylic Glitter Dust Powder ~

48pc 3D Gold Nail Charms 2 Wheel Set ~

Clear Transparent Accessory Storage Organizer ~

2 Pcs Crystal Glass Dappen Dish for Nail Art ~

500 Pcs Clear French Tips ~

Practice Fingers (Set of 5) ~

Mia Secret Clear Acrylic Powder 8oz ~

Mia Secret Mia Secret Liquid Monomer 8 oz ~

Mia Secret No Burn Acid Free Primer ~

Mia Secret Professional Natural Nail Prep Dehydrate ~

Wood Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush (size 8) ~

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  • Mariyah Long

    I just ordered the mia secret and it's great????????

  • Brownskin Barbie

    Love the haul❤and as for the tips i got 500 for $2 on AliExpress it didn't come with the container but $7 ???? and I got a dappen dish like that for I think $1 it takes longer to get to you but everything is free shipping so ????????‍♀️

  • violentlycreamy

    Pure Ice: Frost top coat is a great cheap matte 🙂
    $2 at Walmart or wherever you can find the polish brand.

  • Larissa Owens

    my bday is in April too!!

  • Nafeesah Marshall

    you can also get stuff on wish.com

  • Emys World

    awesome nail haul hun tfs and the 5 in the nail art wheel is for chanel #5 ????❤

  • Queen C

    This is my favorite video, im ready for the giveaway, im i to late ? I been learning/doing my nails too i plan on going to school for it once im done with high im almost done with it

  • ThreeHeartstoLove

    You should look into purchasing nail supplies from Ebay and Aliexpress, they are dirt cheap compared to the prices you'll find on Amazon. Only negative to buying from Ebay or Aliexpress is that it takes 5 years for delivery lol..but really it'll take about 1-2 months but you'll be able to buy double or even triple the supplies because you'll be saving so much money. Loved you're haul and your personality is awesome!!


    don't put polish over any of your bling that's what's messing up your stones

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