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DIY PHONE CASE Life Hacks – Hot Glue Craft/DIY Christmas Decor Easy Crafts Idea at Christmas 2019#18

DIY PHONE CASE Life Hacks – Hot Glue Craft,DIY Christmas Decor Easy Crafts Idea at Christmas 2019#18

Christmas Tree DIY-

Handmade cases for your gadgets Do you have a cool new phone, but maybe you are too afraid to drop it and break the screen? We have got it covered for you! With these easy-to make DIY phone cases your gadget will not only look unique and cool, but will also be protected. You just have to check this out! Super stylish and comfortable-in-use handmade phone cases! Different colors and shapes to any taste! 🙂 1. Lip balm phone case This idea is for those girls who always lose their lip balms or lipsticks in their bags. Simply take your favorite lip balm in a cute package and glue it onto your phone case. Let the glue dry. Now you will always carry the balm with you. So simple and so handy! Also, it looks stunning in the mirror selfies 😉 2. Color-changing phone case This phone case is my personal favorite! Trust me, no one among your friends owns the case like this, and it is so easy to DIY! Take a plain phone case and a color-changing nail polish of your choice. Cover the case with the nail polish and let it dry. Now every time you touch the phone case, your fingers will leave bright fingerprints on it. Isn’t it amazing? 3. Boho style case Do you want to look stylish this year? Then this handmade Boho style phone case is just what you need. Print a pattern you like on a simple sheet of paper, place it over your phone and wrap with some parchment paper. Now take a hot glue gun and follow the pattern with it. Don’t forget about the sides and the headphones plug-in! Let the glue dry. Then take nail polishes and paint the phone case. Voila! Bright and colorful Boho style phone case is ready to match your today’s outfit. 4. A phone or a watch Here come the ideas for the bravest. Take your old watch and remove its strap. Glue the strap onto the phone case. Done! Now you will never drop your phone. All these ideas may also help you to save some money. Don’t buy phone cases, DIY them! 😉

How to make a mobile phone case out of hot glue sticks using a craft glue gun. Really fun DIY idea or life hack if you haven’t got a phone case. Design your own cover and make it! Use colored or glitter glue. If you try this you do so at your own risk.
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