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DIY Portable Solar Panel for ebikes and EV batteries (60V 10W)

In this video we show a very easy and cheap way to make a high voltage solar panel (60V 10W) from small 6V 1W solar cells. Suitable for very different kind of batteries matching a charging voltage close to 60V.

Charging a battery requires a charging controller This solar panel is not made with any charge controller, so you can’t charge directly any battery unless it is equipped with a BMS that can stop the charge when the battery is full. Regardless the charge current is relatively very low (~0.2A) it can over-charge an unprotected battery along the time. The battery charge voltage also must match the Solar panel Vmp, less voltage needed will make the voltage difference waste in heat, more voltage needed will make the charge never reaching 100% SOC.

The process of construction is as simple as wiring every cell in series and adding a blocking diode in any of the main leads, so the current can flow from the solar panel to the battery but not from the battery to the solar panel. This happens because a solar panel that does not receive sunlight (or visible light), becomes a resistance, slowly draining the battery and converting electricity into heat.

The other important element when solar cells are in series are bypass diodes, these avoid the similar phenomena when only one or some solar cells is in shade, bypassing the cell and avoid it to burn energy. It is not required in this simple system because its very small surface.

Tools and materials required:

  • Soldering Iron
  • 22-26AWG wiring
  • 10x 6V 0.2A Solar cells
  • Schottky diode
  • heat resistant insulation tape
  • Shrink heat tubes
  • any rigid surface mount
  • XT60 female connector

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