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DIY Wood Stove from Wheel Rim and Horseshoes BONUS Rocket Stove Insert

Simple homemade DIY Wood cooking stove made from a single car wheel and some horseshoes. Two easy diy welding projects that you can make in a day. Ideal for camping although id probably add a couple of horseshoe handles to make it easier to carry.

Can be used as a large firepit but i quickly made a smaller rocket stove type woodburner which can be easily placed inside. Again that wasnt too difficult, i used the plasma cutter to quickly cut the curve instead of the angle grinder. I used an old acetalyne bottle for the burn tube and 4×4 offset into it to help create the vortex.

Cool arc welding project, i used 3.2mm mild steel rods, ill check the amperage later, it was a heavy duty truck wheel and horseshoes are fairly thick so theses rods are perfect for them.

Many thanks to Paul over at Manx Tea and Coffee for the unique blend he roasted for me and the other half

Thanks for watching, Bongo, thePoultryPeople

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