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Garage Lumber Rack – Easy Cheap DIY Project

Here is a quick and simple medium duty lumber rack that I made out of 2×3’s and 1/2 plywood. This is a super easy project that can be useful to anyone from a beginner to the more seasoned builder.

This project used 6 – 2×3’s and 2 1/2 – 10″ strips of 1/2 plywood. Plywood was in the home depot 70% off cull bin (for around $4-5 per sheet) and was warped and cracked in many places… but still good enough for this project:) Not sure how many screws I used but lets say that a 1/3 to 1/2 a box would do it;) I used an assortment of what I had on hand though.

Please check out my other videos for more random homesteading style projects:) Thanks for watching!

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  • Hi, I'm planning on making your lumber rack this weekend, thanks for the video.  Do you have any ideas on storage for plywood and bigger pieces of wood? I have limited room and want to get it off the ground on one of the walls in my workshop.

  • J K

    Like the storage idea. Simple and loads ofstorage area. Random lumber lengths and width are difficult to store in an organized manner. Thanks for thd idea. Impressed with the pull up. … I need to work on that idea!

  • I built this in one evening after work. Solid design! Thanks for sharing

  • You can always tell a real carpenter. Great lumber rack, im going to do the same in my garage shop. If it holds 235 it will hold 260. ????

  • hello from Croatia. very good video and easy to understand

  • Made this yesterday after watching this video. Came out really nice. Thanks!

  • Great project that I am going to try and build. I know the store where I buy lumber have 2$4 which measures 1 1/2& 3 1/2. I will check, but I have 2$4 s here and would like to use them. Anything I should look out for since I am going a little larger. I am new to wood working and I have been using wood working to keep me grounded, keeps my hands and mind busy. Thank You for the video….. Pete

  • I usually don't subscribe to someone new until after 3-4 interesting videos. I made an exception for you…this one video sold me. Simple, strong, cheap, and easy on the eyes. Can it get any better? I submit it cannot.

  • Thanks for the very informative video, made these shelves for wood storage in my container today…much appreciated 🙂

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