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Jwellery Box DIY: How to make a jwellery box with paper | sb crafts

Jwellery Box DIY: How to make a jwellery box with paper | sb crafts:

Hello and welcome. Learn How to make a jwellery box with paper with me today. To make it I will use:
1. Paper
2. Glue
3. Glue gun
4. Scissors
5. Cardboard
6. Pearl
All the measurements that are needed to make it are given in the video. Follow the whole video for more instructions.
Making this DIY jwellery box is very easy and simple. Anyone can make it if he/she watches the video carefully till the end. To make this DIY you will have to go through a step by step process. The the starts with a circular shaped 1212 cardboard. I have wrapped it up with a paper. And the size of the other paper is 830 cm. Join them together and make the box using glue gun. And then we will decorate the box. To decorate it we will make a decorative thing with a 66 cm paper and a 44 cm paper. You can use some pearls on the thing that we have made. Once everything is done, take a 12*12 cm cardboard and wrap it up with a paper. And then take a bottle cap and put it on the cardboard using glue gun. The process goes on like this till the end. Follow the video for better understanding.

Craft lovers will love this How to make a jwellery box with paper video. It is very easy and simple. And it takes less time to master. This can come really handy for girls. They can use it to keep their jwellery in a safe place.

This is also a craft for kids. Kids can also make it and use it as a safe for their favorite things.
Watch the video and learn making this beautiful DIY craft.
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