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Lovely4u | VO81 | Night prince |Digital Monster Piano|DIY|Clay Figure Tutorial

Hi Sweetie Subs 🙂

This handcraft figurine is 100% made by light air dry clay.

Piano sheet for download that we played:

We used our own requested factory to make ones. You could try:
1.Loveclay(Hobbyclay) from Korean
2.Hearty from Japan
3.Search top ranked ones on Aliexpress
4.Search silk clay on Amazon
5.Buy our clay here:
The best clay is the one fits you best.????????
We’re also gonna release more full tutorials and also our own molds for sale.

We’ll try our best to speed up our work speed so that we can offer more tutorial choices for you guys. Please stay tuned with our Gumroad.(All our relative links please refer to below descriptions)

Brush:Nail Art brushes

Any art needs patience. But only your own work is the best ever in this world! Cherish others’, cherish your own ones.
Anyone with hard practicing will be a master!????

Most of time we may busy with sculpting but we do take suggestions and read comments carefully when we have time. ❤️We’ll make improvements when there’s critique.
Hope to get more good suggestions and advices with polite words.

Maybe we’re not perfect and good but we’re always improving as an artist and learning to be a better person! Sometimes just do a transpositional consideration before speaking something.????????

Thank you for all who always supported us unconditionally!
Thank you for all who always have accompanied us growing as an artist !
Thank you for all who always trusted us without any condition!
Thank you for all who always gave us your most generous words to comfort us when we’re sad !
Thank you for all who always help us to give us your precious suggestions to improve!
And many more thanks!
We really feel warm and motivated with all your best supports and words!

After all, we’re just artists who really focusing on making good art.
We hope you can enjoy our art~????

Please leave comments to us if you have any additional questions related to our video. We’d really be happy to answer and help you as long as we can figure out. :3

Official Website:

Gumroad tutorials store:


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