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Our DIY Off Grid Hawaii DREAM HOME ▸ Lessons I Learned

This time last year I poured the concrete slab to build our dream home. In truth, the foundation was laid a decade before when I started making simple lifestyle changes.

Living a much different life, I visioned a house, a view, a partner, a family, an orchard, a garden. Never knowing details, just holding true to a feeling of freedom, of sustainability and abundance. But our ideals, lofty and elusive in our mind and heart, rarely play out as gracefully in reality. This is the magic though, letting the universe surprise us, humble us, show us the way forward against all odds. I remember someone once told me “you’re never fully ready to buy or build a home, you’ve just got to take the leap”. Sure there are financial risks, sure we have to work inside the constraints of a system we don’t always like, but these rules are not the real game.

The real game is the connection with those who help you on your journey. Watching the universe conspire in all the smiles of encouragement, money that you didn’t fully expect, and actual physical helping hands from those you never previously knew existed. Even more so, it’s the opportunity for those closest to you to show their true colors, the colors you only see in the collective struggles of creation. Your partner is are able to show the depth of their ability to cheerlead and hold space. And then there is you, if you’re sensitive to it, you see more than just the change in your callused hands, the saw cuts remove the excess, the excuses, the doubt. You may come close to the core, to knowing yourself.

Out of these scraps of what was not you, you then build a tribute to all the compromises made for they too were part of your hero’s journey. They’re not a detail to gloss over, but rather the gold for those humbled and surrendered in life. Would I change a hundred things? Yes, but also no. I flow the path of least resistance knowing that the architecture and materials of a house don’t make a home.

It’s the love, the creativity, the playfulness, the intuition, and the gratitude of the family inside that matters. That’s true health, that’s real wealth. I still don’t know all the steps to realize that vision, but I trust that showing up every day to watch life unfold is the real treasure, not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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