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SiegeStyle 350Z DIY Widebody Build Update

Just an update to let you guys know what’s going on with Project Zailas! Despite the previous setback, the wide body build is powering forward with mass enthusiasm. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for Part 9 of the build!

Keep up with me and my Z33 350Z build~
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  • GenetiiczR


  • Beltrane22

    Yes! another video! Wow it looks amazing! good to know you haven't gave up! Gets me more hyped every time I see a new video! can't wait to see the next video keep up the amazing work man! live the videos and I love you as a fan would say to someone they look up to haha.

  • vidyagaemer350

    Keep the progress movin! One thing at a time bro

  • Danatus Bradley

    its gonna look amazing man. Great job not getting discouraged man with how frustrating I know it has to be! I cant wait to see it after the sculpt! Keep moving forward!

  • Hialeah_Tony

    Minor setback for a major comeback

  • MIMCK Media

    Fuck man! So much work, just for saving a few Minutes to wax the mold -.-

  • Panoz360

    Hey bro…we all trust you ;)…hard work ALL 10 digits 2 hands…keep up the gr8t work…

  • Marshall Willis

    Great attitude!

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